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Bookmark Your Place in Models

You can use viewmarks to bookmark parts of a model or to capture graphical views of a model so you can navigate directly to that view. You can capture viewmarks for specific levels in a model hierarchy. You can also pan and zoom to capture a point of interest.

Some examples of ways to use viewmarks include:

  • Navigate to specific locations in complex models without opening multiple Simulink® Editor tabs or windows.

  • Review model designs.

  • Visually compare versions of a model.

  • Share views of a model by storing viewmarks within the model.

You manage viewmarks in the viewmarks gallery. By default, viewmarks are stored locally on your computer. If you want to include a viewmark to share with a model, see Save a Viewmark to the Model. The figure shows the viewmark gallery.

Personal tab of the viewmarks gallery

Create a Viewmark

  1. Navigate to the part of the model that you want to capture in a viewmark.

  2. Pan and zoom to the part of the system that you want to capture.

  3. Resize the Simulink Editor window to frame the part of the model you want to capture.

  4. In the palette, click the Viewmark This View button .

The viewmark displays briefly and becomes part of the viewmarks gallery.

Open and Navigate Viewmarks

  1. In the Simulink Editor palette, click the Viewmarks button .

    The viewmarks gallery has two tabs. The Personal tab has viewmarks that you created in a model and are stored locally on your computer. The Model tab has viewmarks that are saved in the Simulink model file.

  2. Select the tab (Personal or Model) that contains your viewmark, then click the viewmark.

    The Simulink Editor opens the model, if necessary, and displays the part of the model captured in the viewmark.

Manage Viewmarks

In the viewmarks gallery, you can rename viewmarks, add or edit a description for viewmark, and delete viewmarks. You also use the viewmarks gallery to save viewmarks with the model. You can manage viewmarks only in models saved in SLX format. In models saved in MDL format, the Manage button appears dimmed.

  • To rename a viewmark, click the name and edit it.

  • To add a description, pause on the viewmark, click the Description button , and enter a description.

  • To delete a viewmark, pause on the viewmark and click the Delete button on the viewmark. To delete all the viewmarks for a model, pause on the model name and click Delete.

Save a Viewmark to the Model

  1. In the Simulink Editor palette, click the Viewmarks button .

  2. In the viewmarks gallery, click Manage.

  3. Select the check box in the viewmarks you want to copy to the model.

  4. Click the Add viewmarks to model button .

These viewmarks become part of the model.

Refresh a Viewmark

A viewmark is a static view of a part of a model. For currently loaded models, you can refresh a viewmark so that it reflects the current model. Open the viewmark gallery and click the Refresh button on the viewmark.

If the viewmark shows a subsystem that has been removed, then the viewmark appears dimmed.

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