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Specify Project Path

  • When you open your project, it adds the project path to the MATLAB® search path before applying startup shortcuts.

  • When you close your project, it removes the project path from the MATLAB search path after applying shutdown shortcuts.

You can add or remove folders from the project path. Add project folders to ensure dependency analysis detects project files. On the Project tab, in the Environment section, click Project Path:

  • To add a folder (without subfolders) to the project path, click Add Folder. If you want to add a folder and its subfolders, click Add with Subfolders instead. Then use the Open dialog box to add the new folder.

  • To remove a folder from the project path, from the display list, select the folder. Then click Remove.

In the Project > Files view, you can use the context menu to add or remove folders from the project path. Right-click a folder and select Project Path > Add to Project Path, or Add to the Project Path (Including Subfolders), or one of the options to remove the folder from the path.

Folders on the project path display the project path icon in the Status column.

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