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Check safety-related optimization settings for logic signals


Verifies that model optimization configuration parameters comply with modeling guideline hisl_0045: Configuration Parameters > Math and Data Types > Implement logic signals as Boolean data (vs. double)

Dependencies: Simulink® Check™

Scope: High-Integrity System Modeling

Guideline: simulink_hi_guidelines#bsplo4l-1


This check verifies that model optimization configuration parameters are set optimally for generating code for a safety-related application. Although highly optimized code is desirable for most real-time systems, some optimizations can have undesirable side effects that impact safety.

Capabilities and Limitations

Capabilities of this check include:

  • Supports justification

Limitation of this check include:

  • Does not run on library models

  • Does not allow exclusions of blocks or charts.

  • Is not supported by edit-time checking

Recommended Actions and Results

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Review the modeling issue that is flagged by the check and the recommended action for fixing the issue. After applying the changes, save the model and rerun the check analysis.

Some subchecks depend on the results of other checks or subchecks, which is indicated as D in the Model Advisor results table.

Recommended Action

Select configuration parameter Implement logic signals as Boolean data (vs. double) or programmatically set the parameter BooleanDataType to on.

When you use the Fix button to automatically correct the issue, the Model Advisor updates the configuration parameter to the recommended value.

Version History

Introduced in R2018b