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Check Model Compliance

Verify model compliance with safety standards and guidelines

To apply modeling guidelines across projects and development teams, you can use the Model Advisor to run checks on your model. When you run the checks, the Model Advisor reviews your model for conditions and configuration settings specified by the check.

Simulink® Check™ includes Model Advisor checks for compliance with safety standards associated with High-Integrity System Modeling and MathWorks® Advisory Board (MAB) modeling guidelines. Start with Check Model Compliance by Using the Model Advisor.


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Advisor.ApplicationRun Model Advisor across model hierarchy
Advisor.ManagerManage applications


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edittime.enableCheckEnable disabled custom edit-time check
edittime.getAdvisorCheckingDetermine whether edit-time checking is on
edittime.setAdvisorCheckingCheck your model interactively against modeling standards
Advisor.getExclusionGet exclusion information for a model or a file
Advisor.addExclusionAdd exclusions to a model or a file
Advisor.removeExclusionRemoves exclusions for a model or a file
Advisor.saveExclusionSave exclusions to the model or an external file
Advisor.loadExclusionLoad exclusions to a model or a file
Advisor.clearExclusionClear all exclusions from a model or a file


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