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Specify bold text in Model Advisor analysis results



    setBold(textObj,boldText) makes textObj bold if boldText is true and makes textObj not bold if boldText is false.


    The function setBold is for formatting Model Advisor analysis results with Simulink® Check™. For more information, see Simulink Check.

    For information on how to format text in MATLAB®, see Formatting Text.


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    Create a Model Advisor text object and make the text bold.

    Use ModelAdvisor.Text to create Model Advisor text object t1.

    result = ModelAdvisor.Text('This is a message in bold.');

    Make the text bold.

    setBold(result, true);

    Use setBold in a check callback function in your sl_customization file to format your results.

    function result = SampleStyleOneCallback(system)
    result = ModelAdvisor.Text('This is a message in bold.');
    setBold(result, true);

    For more information on using check callback functions to format text, see Specify Text in the Model Advisor Output. For more information on how to format check results, see Display and Enable Check.

    Input Arguments

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    Model Advisor result text, specified as a ModelAdvisor.Text object.

    Bold text setting, specified as a numeric or logical 1 (true) or 0 (false). If boldText is 1, the textObj is formatted bold. If boldText is 0, the textObj is not formatted bold.

    Data Types: logical