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Troubleshoot Signal Data Logging from Inport in Referenced Model

My model contains referenced models. The referenced models have root-inport signals that would be helpful to log and stream to the Simulation Data Inspector for visualization. When I mark these signals in the model for logging, I see this warning in the diagnostic viewer when I build the model:

Warning: Streaming to the SDI is not available for signal at
<sldiag objui="outport" objparam="1" objname="{'A/B',
'B/b1'}">output port 1</sldiag> of block '{'A/B', 'B/b1'}'.
Add a SignalCopy block at that port and instrument the
SignalCopy output port.

What This Issue Means

The warning message reports that the root-inport signals of referenced models are not available for streaming. Within top model A, the referenced model root inports that generate this warning message appear in referenced model A/B and referenced model A/B/C.

Top Model A

Image of top model A

Referenced Model A/B

Image of referenced model A/B

Referenced Model A/B/C

Image of referenced model A/B/C

Try This Workaround

To instrument a root-inport signal in a referenced model and stream the signal to the Simulation Data Inspector, you can connect the signal to a Signal Conversion block that you configure as a Signal Copy block. Mark the output of the Signal Copy block for logging to the Simulation Data Inspector.

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