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Configure IBM DOORS Next session in MATLAB

Since R2020a



    slreq.dngConfigure establishes a connection between your MATLAB® session and an IBM® DOORS® Next server. The function prompts you to enter your IBM DOORS Next server URL, port number information, and login credentials, and to select a project configuration.


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    This example shows how to establish a connection between MATLAB and IBM DOORS Next.

    Enter slreq.dngConfigure at the MATLAB command prompt. In the DOORS Server dialog box, provide the DOORS Next server address, port number, and service root. In the Server Login Name and Server Login Password dialog boxes, enter your login credentials. In the DOORS Project dialog box, select the project to work with and, if applicable, select the configuration context. Select configuration stream or changeset lists the recently used configurations. If your configuration context does not appear, select <more> to query the full list from the server.

    Verifying server address...
    Verifying server login username...
    When prompted, enter your DOORS Next password
    Select Project/Stream/Changeset that you will be working with


    • If the function returns an error and does not open any dialog boxes, at the MATLAB command prompt, enter:

      If connector.securePort returns a value that is not 31515, close all open instances of MATLAB and open one instance.

    • After you select your DOORS project and click OK, MATLAB tests the connection to DOORS Next in your browser. If the connection is successful, the MATLAB Connector Test dialog box appears with a confirmation message. If the dialog does not appear, check that MATLAB is running on the corresponding HTTPS port. At the MATLAB command line, enter:

      If the output is not 31515, close all open instances of MATLAB and open one instance. If the dialog box still does not appear, check for security issues in your browser. If the browser indicates that the connection is unsecured or not private, and you trust the connection, click Advanced > Proceed to localhost (unsafe) to complete the connection.

    • If you plan to create direct links to requirements in IBM DOORS Next, leave the test connection browser window open, because this instance of the web browser is authenticated to communicate with MATLAB. Use this authenticated instance of the web browser to select requirements in your IBM DOORS Next project and create direct links. You can re-open the test connection browser window by copying and pasting this address in the browser address bar: https://localhost:31515/matlab/oslc/inboundTest.

    • If your network requires advanced authentication that the default authentication process does not support, you can use rmipref with the 'LoginProvider' name-value argument to register a custom authentication callback function before using slreq.dngConfigure.


      If you configure a session by using a custom authentication callback function, you can only create direct links to requirements in IBM DOORS Next. For more information, see Directly Linking DOORS Next Requirements. You cannot import requirements as described in Import Requirements from IBM DOORS Next.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2020a