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Class: slreq.Link
Namespace: slreq

Retrieve command that opens link source

Since R2023a



URL = getSourceOpenCommand(myLink) returns the MATLAB® command that opens the source of the link, myLink.

Input Arguments

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Link, specified as an slreq.Link object.

Output Arguments

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Command to open the link source, returned as a character vector. Entering the command in MATLAB opens the source file and location, such as code in MATLAB program files or Simulink® model artifacts.


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Suppose you have a link set in the current folder, signals~m.slmx, and you want to retrieve the command that opens the link source for each link.

Load the link set with the slreq.load function.

linkSet = slreq.load("signals~m.slmx");

Retrieve the links as a slreq.Link object array with the getLinks function.

links = linkSet.getLinks;

Create a for-loop that retrieves the command that opens the link source for each link in the slreq.Link object array.

linkSourceCommands = cell(length(links),1);
for k = 1:length(links)
  linkSourceCommands{k} = links(k).getSourceOpenCommand;

Enter the text of one of the elements in linkSourceCommands in MATLAB to open the corresponding link destination.

Version History

Introduced in R2023a