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Encoders and Transducers

Electrical encoders and transducers, such as shaft encoders and LEDs

Encode and convert physical quantities into electrical signals or vice versa.

Simscape Blocks

Hall-Effect Rotary EncoderFour-element Hall-effect rotary encoder (Since R2019b)
Incremental Shaft EncoderBehavioral model that converts angular position to electrical pulses
Inductive Rotor Position SensorInductive rotor position sensor with four inductive coils (Since R2020a)
Light-Emitting DiodeExponential light-emitting diode with optical power output port
Peltier DeviceElectrothermal converter
PhotodiodePhotodiode with incident flux input port
Pressure TransducerPressure transducer that converts pressure measurement into voltage
PTC ThermistorPositive temperature coefficient (PTC) thermistor
ResolverRotary transformer that measures angle of rotation
Strain GaugeDeformation sensor
ThermistorNegative temperature coefficient thermistor using B-parameter equation
ThermocoupleSensor that converts thermal potential difference into electrical potential difference