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SPICE Sources

SPICE-compatible sources

Spice-compatible sources.

Simscape Blocks

DC Current SourceConstant current source
DC Voltage SourceConstant voltage source
Exponential Current SourceExponential pulse current source
Exponential Voltage SourceExponential pulse voltage source
PCCCSPolynomial current-controlled current source
PCCCS2Polynomial current-controlled current source with two controlling inputs
PCCVSPolynomial current-controlled voltage source
PCCVS2Polynomial current-controlled voltage source with two controlling inputs
Piecewise Linear Current SourceTime-dependent current source using lookup table
Piecewise Linear Voltage SourceTime-dependent voltage source using lookup table
Pulse Current SourcePeriodic square wave current source
Pulse Voltage SourcePeriodic square wave voltage source
PVCCSPolynomial voltage-controlled current source
PVCCS2Polynomial voltage-controlled current source with two controlling inputs
PVCVSPolynomial voltage-controlled voltage source
PVCVS2Polynomial voltage-controlled voltage source with two controlling inputs
SFFM Current SourceSingle-frequency frequency-modulated current source
SFFM Voltage Source Single-frequency frequency-modulated voltage source
Sinusoidal Current SourceDamped sinusoidal current source
Sinusoidal Voltage SourceDamped sinusoidal voltage source


subcircuit2sscConvert SPICE subcircuit to custom Simscape components
ee_convertedmosfetvalidationGenerate standard MOSFET characteristics for Simscape and validate conversion results against SPICE simulation tool (Since R2020b)
semiconductorSubcircuit2lookupGenerate lookup table data for three-terminal or four-terminal devices from SPICE subcircuit (Since R2022a)
ee.spice.diodeSubcircuit2lookupGenerate lookup table data for two-terminal devices from SPICE subcircuit (Since R2023a)