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Convert documents to lowercase



newDocuments = lower(documents) converts each uppercase character in the input documents to the corresponding lowercase character, and leaves all other characters unchanged.


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Convert all uppercase characters in an array of documents to lowercase.

documents = tokenizedDocument([
    "An Example of a Short Sentence" 
    "A Second Short Sentence"])
documents = 
  2x1 tokenizedDocument:

    6 tokens: An Example of a Short Sentence
    4 tokens: A Second Short Sentence

newDocuments = lower(documents)
newDocuments = 
  2x1 tokenizedDocument:

    6 tokens: an example of a short sentence
    4 tokens: a second short sentence

Input Arguments

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Input documents, specified as a tokenizedDocument array.

Output Arguments

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Output documents, returned as a tokenizedDocument array.

Version History

Introduced in R2017b