Display information about a label, sublabel, or attribute stored in label definition creator object



info(ldc,name) displays information about the specified label, sublabel or attribute stored in the label definition creator object ldc.

infoStruct = info(ldc,name) returns the information as a structure.


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Load an existing label definitions table into the workspace. Create a label definition creator object.

FilePath = fullfile(toolboxdir('vision'),'visiondata','labelDefsWithAttributes.mat');
Ld = load(FilePath);
ldc = labelDefinitionCreator(Ld.labelDefs)
ldc = 
labelDefinitionCreator contains the following labels:

	Vehicle with 0 sublabels and 3 attributes.	(info)
	Pedestrian with 0 sublabels and 0 attributes.	(info)
	LaneMarker with 0 sublabels and 2 attributes.	(info)
	TrafficLight with 1 sublabels and 0 attributes.	(info)

For more details about attributes and sublabels, use the info method.

Get information about the label "TrafficLight" as a structured data.

trafficStruct = info(ldc,'TrafficLight')
trafficStruct = struct with fields:
           Name: "TrafficLight"
           Type: Rectangle
     Attributes: []
      Sublabels: "Light"
    Description: 'Mark a tight bounding box around the traffic light. Use the sublabels to mark each individual light'

Get information about the sublabel "Light" under the label "TrafficLight" as a structured data.

lightStruct = info(ldc,'TrafficLight/Light')
lightStruct = struct with fields:
           Name: "Light"
           Type: Rectangle
     Attributes: ["Active"    "Color"]
      Sublabels: []
    Description: 'Mark a tight bounding box around each light.'

Get information about the attribute "Color" under the sublabel "TrafficLight/Light" as a structured data.

colorStruct = info(ldc,'TrafficLight/Light/Color')
colorStruct = struct with fields:
           Name: "Color"
           Type: List
      ListItems: {3×1 cell}
    Description: 'Specify the color of the light as one of Red, Yellow (amber) or Green.'

Display the ListItems field of the structure colorStruct.

ans = 3×1 cell array
    {'Red'   }
    {'Green' }

Input Arguments

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Label definition creator, specified as a labelDefinitionCreator object.

Name of label, sublabel, or attribute in the ldc object, specified as a character vector or string scalar whose form depends on the type of name you specify.

  • To specify a label, use the form 'labelName'.

  • To specify a sublabel, use the form 'labelName/sublabelName'.

  • To specify an attribute, use the form 'labelName/sublabelName/attributeName'.

Output Arguments

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Information structure, returned as a structure that contains the fields Name, Type, Attributes (when pertinent), Sublabels (when pertinent), and Description. If name specifies an attribute, then infoStruct also contains the fields DefaultValue and ListItems (for List attributes).

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Introduced in R2018b