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Wavelet packet reconstruction 1-D



    x = wprec(tobj) returns the reconstructed vector x corresponding to the wavelet packet tree object tobj.


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    Load a signal.

    load noisdopp
    x = noisdopp;

    Decompose the signal at level 3 with sym4 wavelet packets using log energy entropy.

    wpt = wpdec(x,3,'sym4','log energy');

    Reconstruct the signal from the wavelet packet tree object.

    xrec = wprec(wpt);

    Compare the original signal with the reconstruction.

    ans = 8.2769e-12

    Input Arguments

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    Wavelet packet tree, specified as a wavelet packet tree object. The wprec function assumes that you obtained tobj using wpdec.

    Version History

    Introduced before R2006a