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Add User Info field to WLAN MAC trigger frame

Since R2021a



cfgUpdated = addUserInfo(cfgTrigger,cfgUser) adds the User Info field specified by configuration object cfgUser to the MAC trigger frame parameterized by configuration object cfgTrigger by updating the UserInfo property of cfgTrigger. The updated MAC trigger frame configuration object, cfgUpdated, contains the updated UserInfo property and all other property values of cfgTrigger.

When you first create a wlanMACTriggerConfig object, the UserInfo property contains a single User Info field corresponding to a default wlanMACTriggerUserConfig object. The first User Info field you add by using this object function overwrites the default User Info field. The function appends subsequent User Info fields that you add to the UserInfo property.

For more information on the trigger frame format, see section of [1]


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Create a basic MAC trigger frame to carry information for two users.

Create a MAC trigger frame-body configuration object, specifying a channel bandwidth of 40 MHz.

cfgTrigger = wlanMACTriggerConfig(ChannelBandwidth="CBW40");

Create configuration objects for the User Info fields of the trigger frame.

cfgUser1 = wlanMACTriggerUserConfig(AID12=1, ...
cfgUser2 = wlanMACTriggerUserConfig(AID12=2, ...

Add the User Info fields to the trigger frame.

cfgTrigger = addUserInfo(cfgTrigger,cfgUser1);
cfgTrigger = addUserInfo(cfgTrigger,cfgUser2);

Configure the trigger frame by creating a MAC frame-body configuration object, specifying the frame type and the trigger frame-body configuration.

cfgMAC = wlanMACFrameConfig(FrameType="Trigger", ...

Specify a non-HT PHY configuration by creating a default non-HT configuration object.

cfgPHY = wlanNonHTConfig;

Create the MAC trigger frame and display its length.

[frame,frameLength] = wlanMACFrame(cfgMAC,cfgPHY);

Input Arguments

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WLAN MAC trigger frame configuration, specified as a wlanMACTriggerConfig object.

User Info field configuration, specified as a wlanMACTriggerUserConfig object.

Output Arguments

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WLAN MAC trigger frame configuration, returned as a wlanMACTriggerConfig object. This output contains all property values of the cfgTrigger input but with the UserInfo property updated to contain the User Info field specified by the cfgUser input.


[1] IEEE® Std 802.11ax™-2021 (Amendment to IEEE Std 802.11™-2020). “Part 11: Wireless LAN Medium Access Control (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY) Specifications. Amendment 1: Enhancements for High Efficiency WLAN.” IEEE Standard for Information Technology — Telecommunications and Information Exchange between Systems. Local and Metropolitan Area Networks — Specific Requirements.

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Version History

Introduced in R2021a