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Why do I get an error when running the MEX file from a non standard location on SELinux?

If you call a mex file from a non-standard location such as an external drive on SELinux, the following error is generated:
??? Invalid MEX-file '/media/sda3/.../timestwo.mexglx':
/media/sda3/.../timestwo.mexglx: failed to map segment from shared
object: Operation not permitted.


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Answer by MathWorks Support Team on 22 Nov 2010
 Accepted Answer

This issue is specific to bad device loading on SELinux.
As a workaround, copy the MEX file from the non standard location to a standard location such as a subdirectory in your home folder and try loading the MEX file from there.


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Answer by Dmytro Lituiev on 10 Mar 2015
Edited by Dmytro Lituiev on 10 Mar 2015

For me removing 'users' option in `/etc/fstab` worked:
sudo umount [your disk location]
sudo gedit /etc/fstab
In order to have read, write, and exec rights, I put following line:
UUID="..." [your disk location] ntfs-3g nls=iso8859-1,uid=1001,umask=0000,defaults,auto,permissions 0 0
It is crucial to remove `users` from this line. Then run:
sudo mount [your disk location]
And it is fixed.


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