How to optimize the coder generated code to use pointer as input instead of structure ?

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Liang MA
Liang MA on 4 Nov 2013
Edited: Walter Roberson on 26 Dec 2013
My matlab function is this :
[staticAlign_output, per_var] = staticAlignment(staticAlign_input, staticAlign_output, detn_reports, per_var, sa_cals)
Therefore the auto generated c code for this function is like this:
void staticAlignment(const staticAlign_Input_T staticAlign_input,
staticAlign_Output_T *staticAlign_output,
const Detection_Reports_T detn_reports , Per_Var_T *per_var, const
Cals_Static_Align_T sa_cals)
So it calls the sttucture Detection_Reports_T as the input. Since this is a huge structure, we prefer to use pointer instead of structure.
Is there a command to fix this ?

Accepted Answer

Fred Smith
Fred Smith on 7 Nov 2013
If you make detn_output an output as well, then it will be passed by pointer.
What version of MATLAB Coder are you using? In the latest release (I believe), all structures should always be passed by reference.
Ketan on 26 Dec 2013
There is configuration option "PassStructByReference" that controls this behavior for entry-point functions in R2013b. Search for "PassStructByReference" on the following page for more info:

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