how to find x using Newton Raphson in matlab

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How can i get the final value of x using Newton Raphson method in MATLAB i) f(x) = 8e^-xsin(x)-1 ii) f(x) = e^-x(x^2-5x+2)-3
the program should print the final x value obtained along with the true and approximate errors

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Ayush Kumar Jaiswal
Ayush Kumar Jaiswal on 19 Jun 2022
Edited: Ayush Kumar Jaiswal on 19 Jun 2022
% give initial guess
% specify number of iterations
num_itr = 5;
for i=1:length(num_itr)
df(i)=-8*e^(-x(i) sin (x(i))) (x(i) cos(x(i)) + sin(x(i)));

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