How to read a txt file containing letters and number

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I'm trying to read a txt file for class, but I have no idea how to eliminate the text in the file, so I can reach the data. The file contain a header and some lists with dates and data in sepperate colums.

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Simon on 19 Nov 2013
You can read in with textscan as strings and convert afterwards:
% read file
fid = fopen('plante1_no_head.txt');
FC = textscan(fid, '%s%s%s%s');
% first column is date as string
% second column is time as string
% third column as double
A = FC{3};
% replace ',' with '.'
A = regexprep(A, ',', '.');
% convert to numeric
A = str2num(char(A));
% fourth column as double
B = FC{4};
% replace ',' with '.'
B = regexprep(B, ',', '.');
% convert to numeric
B = str2num(char(B));


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