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How to fill empty parts of a projected image?

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Amr el 6 de Jul. de 2011
When i projected a 3D model on a 2D plan (Perspective projection) the result of the projection appeared as the following image.
and i need to fill empty points in this image to look like this one
i wonder that i can find a good way to fill this points with a professional way using any image processing algorithms using matlab

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski el 6 de Jul. de 2011
First, read this (the whole thread, but mainly Steven's pictorial example) so you know what kind of ill-posed problem you're up against.
I would think using the distance transform ( bwdist ) would be a good start. You could get the distance xform, threshold it and then erode the whole thing by a disk strel with a diameter (or radius?) the value of the threshold.
You might also be able to do a delaunay triangulation and then only keep small area triangles.


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