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Run Javascript from MATLAB

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Goryn on 23 Dec 2013
Commented: Royi Avital on 30 Sep 2017
I have the bfx.js file (attached). I need to run this Javascript like:
Is it possible to do it in MATLAB?


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Accepted Answer

Jacob Halbrooks
Jacob Halbrooks on 26 Dec 2013
You cannot directly execute a JavaScript file in MATLAB. However, if you can set up a web server with a page that executes your JavaScript, you can use URLREAD from MATLAB to run it and read the output.


Sarahi RN
Sarahi RN on 1 Mar 2017
Can you as well modify the Java sccript from MATLAB; os is it merly for reading, I mean is there a writting function?
Royi Avital
Royi Avital on 30 Sep 2017
Is there a way to interact with JavaScript function from MATLAB?

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