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Configure L1 cache / shared memory size?

Asked by Gaszton
on 23 Jan 2014
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on 23 Jan 2014
Hello, i am testing a ptx compiled kernel in MATLAB, card gtx 560 ti, cuda architecture 2.1. As the cuda programming guide writes:
"The same on-chip memory is used for both L1 and shared memory: It can be configured as 48 KB of shared memory and 16 KB of L1 cache or as 16 KB of shared memory and 48 KB of L1 cache, using cudaFuncSetCacheConfig()/cuFuncSetCacheConfig()"
i cant find any information on whether i can do this configuration in MATLAB, or with some option to nvcc when compiling the ptx.
The reason why i want to do this, is that my kernel doesnot use any shared memory, and i want to try whether i get any speedup with a bigger L1 cache. (the whole kernel calculates and reads double precision data)
Thanks for any solution!


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1 Answer

Answer by Edric Ellis
on 23 Jan 2014
 Accepted Answer

You should be able to configure this by using a CUDA Mex file rather than CUDAKernel.

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Thank you!

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