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Hi All
I am trying to build an aircraft model in SimMechanics and am using the HL-20 with Landing Gear as an example. Unfortunately I cannot figure out how to use the SimMechanics 2nd generation to implement this model. I am stuck at the the very first step of building an equivalent aircraft model, where one compares the output for the SimMechanics model and a point model from the Aerospace Blockset to check that the rotation sequences are correct. It used to be simple to define the rotation sequence i.e. Z-Y-X, but I cannot see hot to do this now. The original implmentation is at the top of the picture and my attempt in the new version below.
The rotations are needed to define the z-axis for the joint, but the results are just not the same. Any help would be appreciated.

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 17 Nov 2021
The sequence of blocks and transforms looks correct to me. It is hard to tell without the settings from the models. It is possible you haven't put the initial conditions in properly, as that is different between first and second generation. You need to enter them in the Joint blocks under Joint Targets.

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