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Exchanging data from data acquisition listener to GUI

Asked by Rajeev Yadav on 31 Mar 2014
Latest activity Commented on by Rajeev Yadav on 1 Apr 2014
I am trying to create a buffer to store data between each listener call (when data is available)via a GUI. Could you give some idea as to how to achieve it?
I tried global variables, storing the data in handles but it doesn't work.
Thanks RY


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1 Answer

Answer by Joseph Cheng
on 31 Mar 2014

When you try to store the data in handles did you update the handles object with:
guidata(hObject, handles);

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Thanks Joe, I understand your point. The problem is not that simple. I am already invoking the DAQ session via a button event. The DAQ allows to call a listener when a set number of samples are available for processing. I can use the listener to plot and store to file. The code snippet is as below:
lh = s.addlistener('DataAvailable', @(src, event) plotData(src, event, fidData, handles));
s.NotifyWhenDataAvailableExceeds = str2double(get(handles.tNumSample, 'string'));
My problem is to access data from one listner call to another.
Thanks RY

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