multiple inputs for a function

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Giuseppe on 2 Apr 2014
Answered: Mischa Kim on 2 Apr 2014
this is my function
function ispal=palindrome(forward_string)
reverse_string = forward_string(end:-1:1);
ispal = all(forward_string == reverse_string);
how could i change this if i give multiple strings as forward_string i get multiple outputs wether or not it is a palindrome. e.g. input of {'dog', 'abba'}

Accepted Answer

Mischa Kim
Mischa Kim on 2 Apr 2014
Giuseppe, you could use
function ispal = palindrome(forward_string)
for ii=1:numel(forward_string)
ispal{ii} = strcmp(forward_string{ii},fliplr(forward_string{ii}));
Alternatively, you could return ispal as a numeric array: ispal(ii).

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