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Using a base bigger than 36

Asked by Raldi
on 14 Apr 2014
Latest activity Edited by Niklas Nylén on 14 Apr 2014
Hi everyone,
Do you know how can I possibly transform a vector that could be base2 , base7 , but also bigger like base128 or base150 into a decimal. Because base2dec seems to only go as high as base36


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1 Answer

Answer by Niklas Nylén on 14 Apr 2014
 Accepted Answer

You can see the code of base2dec by writing
edit base2dec
The reason it is limited to base 36 seems to be that you run out of letters in the english alphabet. You should be able to copy base2dec and add more symbols for a higher base.


on 14 Apr 2014
That still is not exactly what i want because, lets say i have a big vector
[ 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 2 0 56]
that is in base100 , what i want is to convert this into a decimal number.
That requires some other, still small, adaptations of base2dec. More specifically you need to remove the value conversion lines near the end and use your vector as input.
Or you could write your own conversion code, which is not that difficult.

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