SC-FDE continuous time transmission in MATLAB

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S. David
S. David on 17 Apr 2014
Answered: S. David on 18 Apr 2014
Hello all,
I attached a file that contains the math of transmitting single carrier (SC) modulated signal over frequency selective channels. I need to implement this in MATLAB as it is in continuous time. In particular, I need to generate the baseband received signal as in eq. (1.3), the received samples as the second line in eq. (1.5), and the channel coefficients as in eq. (1.6a). I use the following parameters:
N=128; %Number of symbols
fc=12*10^3; %Carrier frequency
B=1000; % Bandwidth
Ts=1/(2*B);%Nyquist Sample Time
nsamp=10^3;%Oversampling factor
Ta=Ts/nsamp;%Sample time after oversampling
K=N*nsamp;%Number of symbols in sample time Ta
tau=[0 5 7 20].*10^-3;%Pathe delays
h=[1 0.8 0.7 0.5];%Fixed channel coefficients.
If more math details are needed I will provide them on demand.
I appreciate your help.

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S. David
S. David on 18 Apr 2014
Any help, please.

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