Received signal not on sampling time

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Hello all,
I have a sequence d of length N samples each of duration Ts. The channel I have will scale the received samples by a factor (1+a), which means that the received samples will not be on multiples of Ts but on multiples of Ts*(1+a). How can I capture this effect in MATLAB?
Thanks in advance

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 24 Apr 2014
I’m not certain I completely understand what you want to do, but the Signal Processing Toolbox function resample may work.

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rifat on 28 Apr 2014
I think the following script should do the work:
signal_vector= [1 1 1 1 1]; % Define your signal here
Ts=1/50; % Define sampling period here
a=1; % define 'a' here
new_signal=interp1(x,signal_vector,new_x,'cubic'); % change the algorithm flag to
% 'pchip' or 'spline' if
% you need
S. David
S. David on 12 May 2014
No, I am adding the noise after interpolation. So, in this case, 'cubic' works fine I guess. But I am not sure how accurate the whole interpolation process.

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