out of memory error

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I am facing a continuous out of memory error and I am wondering if these codes can be modified to avoid it:where RG,PC,and Acr are 6000x14771 matrices. The error pops when i=4792 so I am not far from reaching i=6000:
for i=2:size(PC,1)
for j=2:size(PC,2)

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 31 Jul 2011
Did you pre-allocate RG? The three matrices take about 2G bytes of memory. Do you need keep PC and Acr? If not, there might be a way to vectorize to get RG without for-loop.
>> 6000*14771*3*8
ans =
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joseph Frank
joseph Frank on 31 Jul 2011
pre-allocating RG solved the problem and the program finished very quickly. Thanks

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