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Hello ,all!
I want to pack the nlinfit method as a Class(.NET assembly) so I can use in my C# application. But there is a problem:
There are four parameters in nlinfit method:( X,Y,MODELFUN,BETA0 ) . Among them X Y and BETAO all are matrix(Class Array can be transform to Class MWArray in C#),but parameter MODELFUN is a funtion in matlab. What does function in matlab means in .NET?

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Daniel Pereira
Daniel Pereira on 30 Apr 2014
Edited: Daniel Pereira on 30 Apr 2014
I would suggest what I think is the easiest way:
If MODELFUN is a matlab function handle, use inside your "matlab method" the command str2func , in order to transform a string into a function handle
function out = mynlinfit(X,Y,MODELFUN,BETA0)
MODELFUN2 = str2func(MODELFUN); % MODELFUN is a string. e.g: '@(x) cos(x)'
% MODELFUN2 is a function handle.
out = nlinfit(X,Y,MODELFUN2,BETA0);
Now, MODELFUN2 is a function handle (which can be used in the original nlintfit), while your method's input MODELFUN is a string, which you don't need to cast in C#, as .NET strings are directly interpreted by matlab.
Hope it helps.

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