How can I fill a uitable with excel data?

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Thanks for read this. Well, I want to read an excel spreadsheet, but I think I should use a uitable because I need to update the columns I want to use to do operations with them. For example, I have an excel spreadsheet with 10 columns, but I don´t know how many columns and what columns will use the user. I have the way to update the size of the table, it means, the number of columns, but I want to fill it with excel data. If there's another way to do what I'm trying to do, please let me know. Thanks again. Pd. I apologize for my english.

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matlabuser12 on 6 May 2014
Do you want the excel sheet to be available and then have the user select from it? You can call up the whole sheet within matlab and it will be interactive and selectable. Or you can use this
If I am understanding what it is you want to do properly.

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