How can I resample at original rate

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S. David
S. David on 17 May 2014
Commented: S. David on 20 May 2014
I transmit a signal over a channel that time-scale and time-shift the transmit signal. To generate the received signal I first resample the transmit signal as:
and then apply time shifting to it, which results in the received signal v. I want to sample v at the original rate of d. How can I do that?
Thanks in advance
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S. David
S. David on 20 May 2014
When I resample an additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) process at different rates, all the resulting samples will be independent, right?

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 17 May 2014
Not really certain (in spite of our earlier conversations) that I completely understand.
vr = resample(v, q1,p1)
produce the result you want?
S. David
S. David on 20 May 2014
I didn't understand what you mean by " With respect to the constant shift, I thought that is what you want ", but what happens physically is the following:
  1. The channel time-scale the signal
  2. The channel time-shift the time-scaled signal.
  3. AWGN is added at the front-end receiver.
  4. The receiver resample the received signal.
So, if I resample the received signal as many times as I want, given that each time I do it at a different rate, then all the noise samples will remain independent and identically distributed (i.i.d), right?
I want to make sure because I am using minimum mean square error (MMSE) equalizer which requires the knowledge of the noise covariance matrix.

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