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how can i show the result parameters in workspace?

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fakhteh el 22 de Mayo de 2014
Respondida: Mahdi el 22 de Mayo de 2014
i write a m file program but after run the program, workspace is empty only for this can i see parameter result in workspace?
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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes el 22 de Mayo de 2014
What is the signature on your function (program)? Does it return something, the parameter result that you are expecting? i.e. if the signature is something like:
function [u,v] = myfunction(a,b,c)
% code
then when you call this function from the workspace, make sure that you are allowing the output of myfunction to be assigned to something:
>> [u,v] = myfunction(a,b,c);
Or are you expecting to see more/different parameter data?

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Mahdi el 22 de Mayo de 2014
You can do as Geoff mentioned in the comments. You can also tell the m file program to display the required values using disp or sprintf or something along those lines. Also, make sure that you don't have clc anywhere to clear the window.


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