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How can I relate points of different matrices ?

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Felipe el 23 de Mayo de 2014
Comentada: arich82 el 23 de Mayo de 2014
matrix a,b and c size are (26,26) and i wanna relate points a(1,1) with b(1,1) and c(1,1) in a way that if i change the order of the points the point of matrix c matches with points of a and b.

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Mahdi el 23 de Mayo de 2014
If you know exactly what you want to switch, follow this example:
A=[1 1; 2 2; 3 3]
And you want to switch row 1 with row 3, you would use
A([1 3],:)=A([3 1],:)
And you can repeat the same operation for the other matrices.
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arich82 el 23 de Mayo de 2014
Since you've already accepted, I'll just post this as a comment:
Depending on your application, it might make sense to store abc as a 26-by-26-by-3 array:
a = [11, 12; 21, 22; 31, 32];
b = a*10;
c = a*100;
abc = cat(3, a, b, c);
% swap, e.g., (1, 1) with (3, 1)
swap = abc(1, 1, :);
abc(1, 1, :) = abc(3, 2, :);
abc(3, 2, :) = swap;
Alternatively, you could create an object/classdef with a, b & c as members, and write a method such that whenever one updates the order, the others are synched, but that maybe more trouble than it's worth. A slightly simpler version would be to define a short function which takes in the three matrices and repeats the operation for you.
Ultimately, simply repeating the operation as Mahdi described might be easiest.

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