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converting date and time ind text format to a number

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Adam on 5 Aug 2011
I currently have a lot of measurements data, which has been logged in a .csv file with date and time ind the format: "dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss". I want to sort the data by date and time, and therefore i would like to store the date/time in a variable like A = [date,time] in the format date = ddmmyyyy and time = hhmmss. The date/time data is currently stored in a very large collum vector in a string format!
How can i do that?

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Jan on 5 Aug 2011
How are the date strings separated in the "very large column vector"? Please post an example.

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Jan on 5 Aug 2011
For sorting the serial date number is more efficient: see DATENUM.


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