How do I use power_fftscope for batch mode?

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Richard on 28 May 2014
Commented: Richard on 5 Jun 2014
Hello all,
I have found the various questions and answers that show the command bellow to get a struct of fft results.
sps = power_fftscope(bdroot)
My question is two part, first when I run this command Matlab 2013a returns an empty array even though the model and powergui display is fully populated. bdroot returns the path to the model that has the data. Is there a way to fix this?
If I run the next command, where ScopeData is the struct of signals from my scope, I receive an elementary fft analysis with default values. Is there a way to manually define the parameters in second argument I pass power_fftscope so I can have it analyze my results as I desire?
sps = power_fftscope(ScopeData)
Thank you for your assistance.

Accepted Answer

Rashmil Dahanayake
Rashmil Dahanayake on 29 May 2014
Edited: Rashmil Dahanayake on 31 May 2014
The steps are as follow.If you have ScopeData in your workspace as "ScopeData3"
% Exporting signal data to fftscope
% setting parameters for fftscope
FFTDATA.fundamental=50; % set other parameters as required
% Now run the fftscope to get the analysis results
results_fft= power_fftscope(FFTDATA);
Furthermore you can use the fftscope to perform FFT for other signals outside simulink. refer to this tool in fileexchange
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Richard on 5 Jun 2014
Thanks for the solution it works brilliantly, it was running the function on the struct twice that I was missing.

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