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Extract xdata and ydata from hggroup

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K E el 30 de Mayo de 2014
Respondida: Star Strider el 30 de Mayo de 2014
I would like to extract the xdata and ydata values of "lines" in a bode plot. (Someone else generated and saved the bode plot as a fig file which I use to regenerate the figure; I don't have access to the underlying data or to outputs of the bode.m command). Several "lines" are plotted in this bode plot. However they aren't actually lines; when I click on one and do the following, I get an error:
get(gco, 'xdata')
Error using hg.hggroup/get
The name 'xdata' is not an accessible property for an instance of class
I saw this relevant answer but don't know how to apply it to my problem.
How can I extract x and y values plotted in a bode plot?
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K E el 30 de Mayo de 2014
Editada: K E el 30 de Mayo de 2014
I think I figured this out. I deleted everything in the bode plot except for one "line" to keep things simple, then did the following. I don't understand the advantage of having a parent hggroup object for the line object, but at least I can access the xdata and ydata.
hg = findobj('type', 'hggroup'); % Just one is found
ch = get(hg, 'children'); % Just one child, and its type is line
xd = get(ch, 'xdata');
yd = get(ch, 'ydata');
plot(xd, yd, 'r'); % Reproduces the "line" in the bode plot

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Star Strider
Star Strider el 30 de Mayo de 2014
If you want to get information for both subplots, use:
hs1 = subplot(2,1,1);
hs2 = subplot(2,1,2);
You have to get the data from each individually.

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Mahdi el 30 de Mayo de 2014
If you have the .fig file, you can just follow this example.
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K E el 30 de Mayo de 2014
Editada: K E el 30 de Mayo de 2014
Thanks for pointing me to this example; outcome is below. For simplicity I deleted all the "lines" in the bode plot except for one "line" in the magnitude plot (I believe it's actually a hggroup); I also deleted the bode plot legend and a subplot containing the phase "lines". The example reveals the remaining objects in the bode plot are uimenus, one hggroup, and one line. The line's xdata is a single NaN value, so that's not what I'm looking for. Instead I believe I want the x and values plotted in the hggroup object. How do I retrieve the plotted x and y values from the hggroup object ?
h = gcf; % Get the handle to the current figure
axesObjs = get(h, 'Children'); % axes handles
axesObjs = 199 173
dataObjs = get(axesObjs, 'Children'); %handles to low-level graphics objects
dataObjs = [9x1 double] [2x1 double]
% First object is a bunch of uimenus, so no x or y data there
firstObj = dataObjs{1};
firstObj = 224 223 222 221 220 215 212 208 200
get(firstObj, 'type')
ans = 'uimenu' 'uimenu' 'uimenu' 'uimenu' 'uimenu' 'uimenu' 'uimenu' 'uimenu' 'uimenu'
% Second object contains hggroup and a line, but line xdata is one NaN
secondObj = dataObjs{2};
secondObj = 181 177
get(secondObj, 'type')
ans = 'hggroup' 'line
% I believe the "line" in the bode plot is the following hggroup object
% But how to retrieve x and y values that are plotted?
Annotation = [ (1 by 1) hg.Annotation array]
DisplayName = Some Name
HitTestArea = off
BeingDeleted = off
ButtonDownFcn =
Children = [182.002]
Clipping = on
CreateFcn =
DeleteFcn =
BusyAction = queue
HandleVisibility = on
HitTest = on
Interruptible = on
Parent = [173.002]
Selected = off
SelectionHighlight = on
Tag =
Type = hggroup
UIContextMenu = []
UserData = []
Visible = on
% While the following is a line, it's just a NaN
get(secondObj(2), 'xdata')
ans =

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