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Reading specific Cell in Excel

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Russell el 30 de Mayo de 2014
Comentada: NAFTALI HERSCOVICI el 29 de Mayo de 2022
I am trying to read a certain cell in Excel with matlab.(B2)
I am then going to use this in an if statement.
Please advise

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Mahdi el 30 de Mayo de 2014
Editada: Mahdi el 30 de Mayo de 2014
Have you looked at the xlsread documentation? It tells you exactly how to do it.
filename='hello.xls' #Name of file
x=xlsread(filename, 'B2')

Lotus Kannan
Lotus Kannan el 14 de Mzo. de 2017
%% x only reads B column values from the excel
x = xlsread(filename,'B:B');

Shirin Mozaffari
Shirin Mozaffari el 18 de Jul. de 2018
for example you wanna read cell A2. This is what you should do: cell = xlsread(fileName,'A2:A2')
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Jesus Leal
Jesus Leal el 13 de Mzo. de 2022
what if i wanted to recall a cell and every 6th cell after that
NAFTALI HERSCOVICI el 29 de Mayo de 2022
Is there any way to use the cell indices rather than letters to specify columns?
Like in excel the range can be defined as Range(cells(2,1),cells(2,1)) instead of Range("a2:a2")

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