Wrong size of a matrix after specyfying a condition

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I want to obtain a matrix subtracting 2 matrices, I have 2 different cases:
A(x)=abs(TL_close(x)-TL_interp(x)) % substraction of 2 graphs for f smaller than fc
B(y)=abs(TL_close(y)-TL_interp(y)) % substraction of 2 graphs for f greater than fc
fc_close, TL_close and TL_interp are of dimentions 1x155
for condition x it works, I get the matrix A 1x59
but for condition y I get the matrix B 1x155 with zeros from column 1 to 59 and good values from column 60 to 155. How can I obtain the right size of matrix B? (1x96 instead of 1x155).
Thanks a lot,

Accepted Answer

Sara on 20 Jun 2014
Replace A(x) and B(y) with A= and B= so you have ONLY the elements you are interested in.

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