How to find the indices of non-zero elements in a matrix

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I have an Na-by-Nt matrix which is sparse, i.e.: most elements are zeros. I want to find the indices of the non-zeros elements in the form of (i,j) where i is the row and j is the column.
I have then these two Na-by-1 vector a and Nt-by-1 vector tau. i corresponds to the ith element in a and j the jth element in tau, and I want to find them as well.
How can I do the above in an efficient way without the need for for loops?

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Cedric Wannaz
Cedric Wannaz on 27 Jun 2014
Edited: Cedric Wannaz on 27 Jun 2014
If it is for storing only non-zero elements, MATLAB supports SPARSE matrices. If you need to get row/column indices of non-zero elements of A:
[rId, cId] = find( A ) ;
and if you need values as well:
[rId, cId, val] = find( A ) ;
If you just need values, you can get them simply with
vals = A(A ~= 0) ;
S. David
S. David on 30 Jun 2014
Edited: S. David on 30 Jun 2014
It is difficult to give a non real example. However, I think it is not necessary to understand the code/algorithm. At the end, the code will give A, v, and the sparse solution xVec. That is all is needed I guess.

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