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ismember error

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joseph Frank
joseph Frank on 16 Aug 2011
x0=find(ismember(A,B)==1) is giving me error ??? Error using ==> cell.ismember at 28 Input must be cell arrays of strings.
A is a cell array that has the following format: '580135' '803111' '803111' '803111' '373298' '373298'
Bis a 1x1 cell wit the following format 377298;
I don't know why A has '' and B doesn't ,which could be the source of error.

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Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva on 16 Aug 2011
It works just fine in this example, you also don't need the ==1 in the find argument.
A={'580135' '803111' '803111' '803111' '377298' '373298' '373298'}

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 16 Aug 2011
Please clarify whether the content of B{1} is numeric or a string. It would need to be a string for this purpose.
Is this an example, with more values of B to be added later, or are you looking to find B within A? If you are looking to find B within A then you would use ismember(B,A)
The == 1 is redundant with ismember() as it is all 0 or 1 anyhow. find(ismember(A,B))
Jan on 16 Aug 2011
@Joseph: Then ISMEMBER is *not* what you need. It cannot compare strings with numbers. What do you expect as result of such a comparison?

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