How can I deploy a listbox from a pushbutton in a GUI?

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I have to deploy from a pushbutton a listbox that shows listed functions like: sen(x), tan(x), cos(x), etc. It is possible? Thanks for all your answers. Have a great day :)

Accepted Answer

Andrew Reibold
Andrew Reibold on 7 Jul 2014
listdlg('ListString',S) creates a modal dialog box which allows you to select a string or multiple strings from a list.
You can use a cell array with all the things you want in it to display more than one item (making it a list)

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Joseph Cheng
Joseph Cheng on 7 Jul 2014
With what Andrew has above or if this is created using GUIDE, you can create the listbox ahead of time but have its 'Visible' property off so it is hidden until the pushbutton is pressed.


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