how to compare special characters in string

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Ajay Pherwani
Ajay Pherwani el 10 de Jul. de 2014
Comentada: ananth a el 27 de Nov. de 2019
I have a strings
I want to find if '$' is present in the string or not. Can any one tell me how to do that? Using which string functions I can achieve that?
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst el 10 de Jul. de 2014
Why is $ special ? It's a normal printable character like 3 or "A" or anything like that so you can use strfind().
Ajay Pherwani
Ajay Pherwani el 11 de Jul. de 2014
hey thanks , strfind worked

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Sara el 10 de Jul. de 2014
If index is empty, $ is not in the string
index = strfind(str,'$');
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ananth a
ananth a el 27 de Nov. de 2019
if I want to search with '$(0)'. how can i do that?
Because i have to search with {"some name": value, this part.

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