Projects Using MATLAB and GigE Cameras

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Kevin on 16 Jul 2014
Commented: Abdoo on 1 Apr 2015
I am looking at getting a camera through which I can run a MATLAB based tracking software.
This is the camera I am thinking of buying, but I was hoping someone could give me some information on how to determine if this camera would be compatible with MATLAB.
I would rather not buy it unless I know it works, but I am unsure how to test this. Has anyone used this or a simlar camera and been able to run a MATLAB program through it?
Any help offered will be greatly appreciated.

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Akshay on 21 Jul 2014
Image Acquisition Toolbox supports digital cameras that follow the GigE Vision standard. The toolbox supports GigE Vision standard 1.2. You can refer the following link for third party requirements for any camera supporting GigE Vision Standard . You can also refer the Hardware Support Page for more details about other cameras.
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Abdoo on 1 Apr 2015
Hi ... Sir , i wish you can help me, im using GigE and i'a not able to access the video. it give me black screen.
vid = videoinput('gige', 1, 'Mono8'); src = getselectedsource(vid); vid.FramesPerTrigger = 1; preview(vid);

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