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Battery storage -optimisation problem_charge and discharge-conditional constraint/nested function_JNF

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Dear Sir,
.I want to use two different cost in objective function depending on whether Pbattups is positive or negative.I have tried to use nested function as below:
%function Cost = Price( LBMPCost,Profit,PbattupsV)
%if PbattupsV >=0
% Price=LBMP;
%elseif PbattupsV <=0
% Price=Cost;
%Cost= 0;
Also i tried to use this condition as a constraint ,
%prob.Constraints.C1 = PbattupsV>=0,Price=LBMP;
%prob.Constraints.C2 = PbattupsV<=0,Price=Cost;
Both case i am getting error.
Also if i change the lower bounds or upperbounds of Pbattups to 0,it doesnt change in output.
Please look into the attached file and advice if anything can be done on this that i can seperately input cost to the objective function.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson el 21 de Ag. de 2021
What you are trying to do is not possible for the current optimizers, and in particular trying to do it by way of if statements will never be possible with the Problem Based Solver approach.


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