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S. David
S. David on 28 Jul 2014
Answered: Sara on 28 Jul 2014
Hello all,
I have in one figure 5 cases, and in each case I have 3 curves. I distinguish the curves of a single case by no line, solid line, and dotted line. While distinguishing between the different cases by different marks.
If I put all these details in the "legend" it will be too big inside the figure. Instead, I want to put in the legend the 3 cases that distinguish the curves of each case but without the mark, and then I can specify the curves by text arrow.
How can I draw a legend for curves do not appear in the figure?

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Sara on 28 Jul 2014
For the plot you DO NOT want to show in the legend, do:
h = plot(x,y,'-+); %your data


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