How to save an image to a specific size without white borders

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Hello everyone and thak you
Now I'm trying to generate the image for dataset.
I removed the axis data and legend from the figure.
I used export_fig function for getting transparent background.
but I can not make the specfic size image because that option will cut the white borders
so, here is the code I used.
pspectrum(value, fs, 'spectrogram', ...
'FrequencyLimits', [1.5e+9 3e+9], ...
'OverlapPercent', 0, 'MinThreshold', threshold);
axis off
colorbar off;
set(gca,'XColor', 'none','YColor','none', 'DefaultFigureRenderer', 'opengl');
title '';
export_fig('This is path to save the figure' ,'-transparent', '-jpg')
Thank you for your reply :)
Daeil Noh
Daeil Noh on 24 Aug 2021
@darova first, thank you darova.
I already used "-nocrop" option, but when I use the nocrop option, export_fig can not cut the borders :(

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Accepted Answer

Rishik Ramena
Rishik Ramena on 25 Aug 2021
As I can understand from your query that you want to get a transparent background image of a specific size and without the borders.
From the documentation of the export_fig function, I see that the '-native' option could be of help in your code. And for getting a transparent background, you might want to consider using the 'png' format for saving the image. Here's what your save_fig call would look like.
export_fig('This is path to save the figure' ,'-transparent', '-png', '-native')

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