Why do I get the Simulink error: "Cannot create variable 'streamout' in workspace"

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I am receiving the follwoing error when I run my Simulink model:
Cannot create variable 'streamout' in workspace
Caused by:
An internal error has occurred. Restart MATLAB before proceeding. If this problem persists, please contact MathWorks.
It keeps happening also after restarting Matlab. I have removed all the "To Workspace" objects and replaced them with "out" objects, but it still gives me this error.
Does anyone know how to solve this please?
I have Matlab R2016

Answers (1)

Guy Rouleau
Guy Rouleau on 23 Nov 2021
Edited: Guy Rouleau on 23 Nov 2021
"streamout" is from a realtively old version, around R2016. I would recommend upgrading.
If not possible, look in your "tempdir" and try deleting any files with a DMR extension.


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