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Do you know if it's possible to create stand-alone apps with the Compiler toolbox that do not require an installer (in other words create portable versions)?
The objective is to by-pass admin rights requirements.
Thanks and have a great day!

Answers (1)

Rik on 29 Aug 2021
To my knowledge this is only possible if all target machines have Matlab installed (or the MCR).
An alternative would be to use Coder to generate C code from your functions and compile that to a stand-alone application. There are many restrictions, so this might not be possible. It will probably require a substantial rewrite.
Another option I personally use is to modify your code to make it compatible with GNU Octave. The zip versions are portable. You should check if your use case is allowed by the terms of the license. Going this route will sacrifice a lot of performance and might require you to implement missing functions. Octave is not a drop-in replacement for Matlab, but in some cases they can serve a similar purpose.

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