how to manage pop up menu entries

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Jihad Chamseddine
Jihad Chamseddine on 1 Aug 2014
Answered: Ben11 on 1 Aug 2014
hi, i am using a pop up menu and I want when i click on a push button, a layer or entrie will be added to the popup menu, also i want these entries to be numbered automatically, can that be done? thanks

Answers (1)

Ben11 on 1 Aug 2014
In the pushbutton callback you can add this code to populate the popup menu through its 'String' property:
set(handles.YourPopupMenu,'String',[cellstr(get(handles.popupmenu_XYRegistration_Z,'String')') {'YourNewValue'}]);
So basically you get the current strings in the popup menu as a cell array of strings and then you concatenate vertically (using []), adding 'YourNewValue' at the end.


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