how to define and write the first line of a function while one of the inputs are a matrix with strings as entries (strings are defined in the body of function)

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R@SH on 4 Sep 2021
Commented: R@SH on 8 Sep 2021
I have written a code with 4 inputs which three of them are numeral and the last input is a matrix with string {'c'} or {'h'} as the possible entries for matrix.
the inputs are NOH, NOC, tetta and A[1,NOH+NOC]. [A] is a matrix in order of 1*(NOH+NOC) which the possible entries for that would be {'h'} or {'c'}. Like below examples:
NOH=2, NOC=1, tetta=pi/3, A=[{'h'} {'h'} {'c'}] or A=[{'c'} {'h'} {'h'}]
NOH=3, NOC=2, tetta=pi/4, A=[{'h'} {'c'} {'h'} {'c'} {'h'}] or A=[{'c'} {'c'} {'h'} {'h'} {'h'}]
Anyway I wrote that code and I recieved acceptable result. the summary of this code is as bellow:
NOH=input ('Please enter number of hoop layers:');
NOC=input('Please enter number of cross layers:');
tetta=input ('Please enter orientation of cross layers:');
for i=1:NOH+NOC
A(1,i)=input ('Please enter orientation of the ith layer:');
if strcmp(A(1,i),'h')
elseif strcmp(A(1,i),'c')
My problem is that, I want to turn this code into a function (PS) which will be introduced following the above code. It is reminded that, I wrote the code it has run without problem. my problem is only turning this into a function while one of the inputs of this function is a matrix with entries which are integer. I form the definition of function as bellow with the relavant body, but its not working. I would be thankful if you can possibly help me in this regard.
reavant body which has previousely worked without error and problem
R@SH on 4 Sep 2021

Hi Dear Rik, It is exactly a part of my code. I defined [A] in a "for" loop. The 1st script which I defined NOH,NOC, tetta and [A], I received result without problem. But when I want to write it in the form of function, its not possible.

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